In addition to reseting economy and performance ...


We have other factors that make our total carbon cleaner units the leader in our intustry as well as our daily lives. Cleaning Keeps Your Engine Economical Durable With Less Noise & Less Exhaust




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"An engine that is not clean internally has a difficult task. It does not "breathe" properly and consequently, works more aggravating permanently


Over time, internal combustion engines creates carbon deposits that impede the normal circulation of air, oil and fuel, resulting in significant engine damage and a significant reduction in efficiency and increased fuel consumption. 


It is an innovative technique where deionized water (it contains no additional chemicals, such as chlorine) breaks down into the essential elements - Oxygen and Hydrogen - and then is released into the engine through the intake of air.
The effect of fuel explosion is to exhaust the carbon deposits to the exhaust path.

What's the difference with other hydrogen purification companies?
There are two major differences. The first and most important thing is that we use orto-gas, which is more efficient up to 75%.
The second and equally important difference is our results.

Why choose Total Carbon Cleaning? Will I see immediate results?
Even if I know nothing about the operation of my vehicle I can see immediate results?

- reduction in fuel consumption (up to 25%, depending on vehicle condition and fuel quality, periodicity of service, etc.),
- in linear motor operation, it is now easier to hear and grip
- to reduce engine speed to idle up to 150 rpm

After applying the ortho-hydrogen cleaning technique you will have a motor as if it came out of the factory yesterday.

Every when does it need cleaning?
Every 10,000 to 15,000 km, depending on the vehicle used and the quality of the fuel used. If you put fuel at random service stations, it is recommended that you clean it every 10,000 km.

Can my car be damaged?
The application of Ortho-hydrogen does not cause any damage to the motors or other mechanical parts passing through the Ortho-hydrogen.


We are not talking about something magical or a strange and dubious quality material that will reduce your consumption, but about a proven and documented method that enables us to guarantee that your vehicle's engine returns to its original state and thus its performance and power in terms of power, torque and consumption are restored.



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data once again confirms the superiority of our devices ... :









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In cars that we had cleaned,
we measured the exhaust


We RE-measured the exhaust after one year  ! ! !

The incredible results in the video !!!

Result and duration ...
We just unite it !!

Give us information about your vehicles or your friends or company's, and we'll give you a quote.

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